Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New Blood in the P&J World

This is an article from Puppeteers UK from a few years back. Written by Tony Clark a great Punch and Judy performer, a huge inspiration and friend. Enjoy.

Whilst working in York recently I was visited by 18 year old Dan Slater, an up and coming Punch Professor who has been performing magic for some time, and is now adding Punch to his repertoire.

I was booked to do three shows per day, so in order to see how his show was coming on I invited him to perform in my booth. This was the first opportunity to see him perform since we met several years ago.

Well, his show was wonderful, especially for someone who has only been performing Punch for a short time; he really has a natural ability.

With puppets made by Bryan Clarke, he certainly did a splendid show for the public in York.

I am only 42 and have been doing Punch for 34 years already: it is really great to see that there are enthusiastic performers in the younger generation joining us in the Punch and Judy circle and helping to keep the Mr Punch’s 350 year old tradition going for a further 350 years.

Keep up the good work Dan, I hope that we work together at a festival soon.

Tony (Robanti) Clarke.

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