Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sooty turns 65

The famous magical yellow bear Sooty is now 65 years old. 
Sooty was bought by Harry Corbett for 7s6d in 1948 on Blackpool’s North Pier.
Harry put him into his amateur magic show named simply teddy. 

When making his TV debut in 1952, it was decided at the last minute to alter teddy’s appearance so he would stand out more on black and white TV. By sewing on a black nose and mouth and putting soot on his ears which is why he is now named sooty.

Harry loved the character so much he would drill air holes in the box Sooty was kept in while travelling. The Sooty Show went on to become the longest running children’s TV show ever.

Sooty is now looked after by Richard Cadell who was once a Punch and Judy performer!

65 is technically 5 years old, in bear years, so Sooty is not doing bad for his himself! He has just finished filming a new series at his home in the village of Brean, Somerset.  Click here to see what the BBC news team had to say about this special little bear.

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