Friday, 30 September 2016

The origin of Coco part 1

Hi Everyone 

I have been wanting to write this for a while and now the summer season is finished I finally have some time to tell you the origin of Coco my pet rabbit and if you have been to one of my magic shows you will know how popular he is. It’s strange how children can get so attached to a character for example Pepper Pig, Elsa and Mr Tumble come to mind. In the spirit of the moment at the end of one show I asked if anyone would like a photo with him and it surprised me how many did so it stayed in the act. Just last weekend the granddad of the birthday child said in a jokey way “I thought the rabbit was better than you.” So where did the idea come from?
Photo from last weekends party

When I started up this business I planned on providing magic shows for birthday parties and Punch and Judy for outdoor events and balloon modelling as a walk around style of entertainment. For a few years this is how it went but after a while my regular bookings wanted to mix things up and I was happy to do so. I then realized how popular the Punch and Judy was and ended up doing that more at birthday parties. I thought to myself if this is what the people want I’ll give them more.
The only problem was what? then I remembered as a child I loved Sooty and I still do. Sometimes I get up early to watch it on CITV, yes, I know am 24 and it’s childish but I am a big kid at heart. I think it helps in this line of work as it gives you a better understanding of children and what they would like to see and do at a party it’s all about connecting with your audience.
Watching Sooty

I did think about doing ventriloquism as I have always admired those who do it but I knew it wasn’t for me. So the character was going to be a hand puppet something I am already comfortable with thanks to Punch and Judy. But what was the character going to be. I knew I was never going to do a live rabbit production in my show because.
1 Some people do not like magicians using animals and I want to keep people on my side.
2 It is a lot of work looking after an animal with vet costs and transporting it compared to a puppet.
3 I think it is old school not that there is anything wrong with that it does suit some performers but not me.

But a puppet rabbit now you’re talking.

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