Thursday, 16 May 2013

May Fayre and Puppet Festival 2013

Sadly this year I was not able to make it to the May Fayre. This is a one day event held in London Covent Garden behind St Paul's Church. To celebrate Mr Punch's birthday which means he is now 351 years old. We know this because in 1662 Samuel Pepys watched a show there which became Punch and Judy as we see it today. If you go to the church you will see a plaque which says.

Near this spot 
Punch's puppet show 
First performed in England 
And witnessed by Samuel Pepys 
This noticed was caused to be inscribed by the Society of Theatre Research and the British Puppet and Model theatre guild   

But with technology being what it is today I have seen plenty of pics and a few videos. So click here to see pictures of this years May Fayre.
click here to see a clip of the day.

In the future I will do a blog on last years May Fayre as that was a day I will never forget.

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