Saturday, 2 May 2015

York Society of Magicians

Being a full time entertainer and having an interest in magic, two years ago I decided to join the York Society of Magicians. The society was founded in 1945 and was put together for people who have an interest in magic as a hobby or as a profession. We meet up once a month and we have a variety of lectures, annual dinners and competition nights throughout the year.

I try my best to attend all the meetings and because of my enthusiasm I was asked to host a night, so I decided to focus on improvisation. The first half was my theory's on improv and how I use it to create routines and using it to my advantage, then I split everybody up into groups and gave them an object such as rope, paper, and a toy and told them to create a routine using what they had been given as a prop. In the second half they performed what they had put together and to finish off the night I performed my Punch and Judy show for them as they were all big fans of Mr Punch. It must have gone well as later on in the year I did a similar lecture for another magic society.

So that was a new experience for me another was entering a competition evening the society had put together. I put my name forward to enter the close up and card competition, in the end I came 3rd in both not bad for a children's entertainer not specialising in that field of magic. So earlier this year I had a second go at the competition and came 2nd so I must be getting better.

After being an active member for a few years I am now happy to announce at our last meeting I became a committee member. Which means I get to be more hands on and help out I will also have a say in what happens throughout the year. I am excited to see where this will take me and will keep you posted on the next chapter of my journey.

Thank you for reading
All the best
Prof Dan

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