Thursday, 26 March 2015

Latest addition to the Punch and Judy cast

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying 2015 so far, as I said in my last blog I was busy putting bit’s and bobs together to be released in 2015 and here is the first of many and as usual it’s got a little story to go with it.

In 2010 I started performing Punch and Judy meaning I had some puppets custom made for me except for one character the baby. At the time I felt I had enough skill to make him myself so I did and it worked a treat. But over the years after being thrown down the stairs so often the baby started getting damaged, looking scruffy and dirty. Well it is a working puppet this is expected to happen. So I had to face the facts it was time for a new baby.

I decided not to make the new puppet myself as I wanted the character to have certain features and a get a specific personality across to the audience. I drew up a few designs and eventually after a little play about with different ideas I had my character.
I got in touch with one of my puppet makers and we started discussing what kind of baby I was thinking of having. A few of the features I was thinking about were ears that stood out, one wonky tooth and one spike of hair.

After a few more phone calls and emails he was finished and the puppet arrived in the post. I was like a child at Christmas as I had a new toy and it was everything I had in mind and more. For example one of them was the eye pupils were carved in slightly this was done so when light shines on the puppet it will give the character a slight difference in personality.
All in all one happy Professor, as you can see by the picture I drew and the finished product it’s just how I imagined him, so keep a look out for this baby at future shows. That’s all from me until next time look after yourselves all the best.
Prof Dan Slater

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