Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Full Circle

When you look back on your childhood there are a hand full of memories you will never forget here is one of mine. When I was in primary school my grandad took me to the castle museum because there was an event going on which was themed around Punch and Judy and because I was obsessed with puppets it was obvious I would enjoy myself.

I remember on the day of our visit the museum had a few artefacts on show linking to puppetry. You could also make your own puppet in the arts and crafts department and the piece de resistance was the Punch and Judy show it’s self which was set in their victorian street. After sitting on the front row for what felt like an hour slowly over time people started arriving, the show itself was different to how I imagined but it was still awesome.

After seeing the show at castle museum I had decided I wanted to be a Punch and Judy entertainer. Several years later in York’s town centre what would be there but a Punch and Judy show this time by a different performer named Tony Clarke. Over the next two years whenever I needed guidance he pointed me in the right direction. By now I have built my own puppet booth thanks to the wood work department at secondary school and used all my money to buy a set of puppets and made my way to becoming a young Prof Dan. It turns out Tony knew this guy who performed at the castle museum all those years ago called Les Clarke and introduced me to him via email. Since then we have seen each other a few times and still to this day I keep in touch with them both.

During the mid-term break in February I was booked to work at York castle museum which brings this story full circle. The week before the event I was asked to pop in for a press conference so all the local newspapers could get a write up and a hand full of pictures. Then the week arrived and went like a shot. We had a decent crowd for all 15 shows and definitely something I will not forget. Thanks for reading and till next time bye for now.
Prof Dan

Punch and Judy working hard at York Castle Museum.



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