Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Latest Shenanigans

Hi Everyone

I would like to back track to my last post in November 2015 and update you on what’s been happening. During November I was putting together some new Christmas routines as most of the shows booked for the festive season were repeats from last year so I wanted to give them something fresh. During December I was out most days performing, the weather is usually a problem which puts me on edge and instead of snow we had the floods so I gave myself lots of extra travel time just in case, at least I had a plan B. If it was snow on the other hand it would be very slippery and messy causing accidents so I guess I would prefer to tackle the water. It really was a shock to see how bad it got and to see the bottom of your street on the TV. Because I live in a flat most of the spare room we have is filled with my equipment and I was thinking where the hell can I put all my props if the water creeped in? Lucky for us it did not get to that stage but I have nothing but sympathy for all those affected businesses and residents of York alike.

Surprisingly January has been busy I have been catching up on my to do list since I had no time in November / December. Me and the Wife also had a few days in London to celebrate our 9 years together, we did all the usual tourist things museums, theatre, shopping ect. One day I remember well is spending several hours in Hamleys toy shop going to all the floors and playing with everything. Think of the scene from Big where Tom Hanks character is let loose in a toy store even though he’s an adult, well that was me am a big kid all the way.

I have a few plans for the beginning of this year updating the look of the company which should be done by March fingers crossed. Me and Coco have been brainstorming and coming up with a new routine for him and not forgetting we will be building a customised platform for him to perform from. Be sure to keep updated with the latest news by liking our Facebook Page Professor Dan Slater for party tips and Twitter for all things silly @ProfDanSlater This year is already looking to be a busy one so just a reminder to book your entertainment early to avoid disappointment. For more information on Punch and Judy, Magic and Balloon Modelling for your event visit. "That's the way to do it!"

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