Sunday, 15 November 2015

Part two of party hints and tips

Hi Everyone

Welcome to part two of party hints and tips so far we have talked about bookings, venue and food. The next subject I would like to tackle is….

Are your children morning or afternoon people? This will help you decide what time to hold the party, I always recommend either 11-1 or 3-5pm to my customers as typically I perform at two parties a day during the weekend and these times have enabled me to fit them both in to one day, they are also ideal for the clients as it isn’t too early or late for the children and means you and your guests can still do any tasks you have planned that day e.g. work, shopping etc. After school parties are very popular for during the week I suggest to start the party at 4:30 as it gives you and your guests enough time to pick up children and get to the venue and again it isn’t too late so won’t affect anything else. As we all know there is always one or 2 people who arrive late to the party so I explain to my customers that I will start 15 minutes after the start time e.g. if you booked at 3pm I would begin my show at 3:15 that way most if not all the guests should be there and no one will miss out on the fun or interrupt the show, whilst waiting for everyone to arrive I introduce myself to the parents who booked me and I entertain the crowds with balloons and plate spinning so no one is just sat around waiting.

How long should a party last?
This is dependent on what you have planned if you are to have a party at a venue with entertainment no more than two hours. This is enough time to be energetic, have some food and focus on a theme such as a show. If you were to book with Prof Dan you have two options. Package 1:  2 hour party we start with lots of fun party games such as parachute and Olympic races with music and lights to set the scene, then we have a break for food (which you supply.) Afterwards we go into the Magic Show which is personalised for your birthday child and designed to suit the age range. Package 2: 45 minute Magic Show. This Magic Show is personalised for your birthday child and designed to suit the age range.
At the majority of my parties the children have ranged between 3 to 7 years old, I don’t do younger than 3 as from my experience children under three do not understand the concept yet and find it harder to keep focused on things after a certain length of time and normally I don’t do older than 7 as they usually desire to do other activities instead of a party. Though my shows are designed to suit ages of 3-7 year olds it is a family show and I ensure that all family and friends are involved helping to create magic and make the event memorable.

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