Sunday, 18 October 2015

Party hints and tips

Hi Everyone

Over the years I have performed at a variety of birthday parties and on the way picked up a few hints and tips which I usually give to my clients. I have decided to post them on here to hopefully help you run your party more smoothly.

The sooner the better
It might sound silly but book everything early to avoid disappointment. There is no rule on the earliest you can book, I typically get booked one year in advance (before writing this I had a call asking if I was available that afternoon talk about last minute.) This goes for all aspects of the party for example venue, entertainment, invitations be sure to click here to get your party invites when you book with Professor Dan.

Depending on the number of people you plan on inviting you may need to think about a venue. For a home party the maximum number of children you want to invite is 15 I am speaking on average as each house size is different. Avoid garden parties as weather is unpredictable, yes you can have shelter but who wants to have a party in the rain and equipment can get damaged. Any more than 15 children book your local hall. Apart from odiously more space creativity can take over you can design the venue how you like on my Prof Dan Facebook page I am always posting Ideas for decoration and food click here to go to my Facebook page.

Which links us on nicely to our next subject the catering keep it simple and minimal. You can be as experimental as you like hot/ cold, healthy or not. Longer the food takes the less entertainment you will get.
I will add more to this in the future but for now this is something to think about.

Bye for now
Prof Dan

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