Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kidology 2015

Hi Everyone

It has been another very busy summer season for me but sadly now we have come to the end for another year. I want to thank all of you for your support in the events and attending the shows, without you there would be no show! Although the summer season is over my work has not come to end. Aside from catching up on sleep I am catching up on office work and gathering up all my notes and putting my ideas into action for the Halloween and Christmas season. I have a few gems in the making for you this year and I am very excited to start putting them into work. Whilst writing this I realised it will be coco’s first Christmas and for those of you who don’t know who coco is he is my new pet rabbit. My idea is to put in a lovely routine to celebrate his very first Christmas in style.

Onto the reason for this blog, I have just come back from Kidology a children’s entertainers’ convention in Wolverhampton. Both me and my wife enjoyed the Trix In The Stix convention together so I decided to bring her along to kidology to see what she would make of this one, again it was another first for Vicki. The event started on Monday the 7th of September 2015 at 6:00pm with a lecture about entertaining 8 year olds onwards. After we sat and watched a spot of cabaret with a mix of marionettes, improvisation, ventriloquism and illusions, an eventful first evening. We looked around at some of the stalls and magic tricks and said hello to a few fellow entertainer friends and by this point it was late and we were tired so we went back to the hotel eager to see what tomorrow would bring.

Tuesday the 8th of September

9:00am I eventually wake up, after breakfast it was straight to the Civic Hall where everything was taking place. The day started with a kid’s competition, you may remember I wrote a blog about my experience in the competition last year. I was hoping for a bit of variety this year but it was all magic based so I was a little disappointed. Afterwards we looked around a few more magic stalls because we kept bumping into people we knew I forgot why I was at some of the stands but I still managed to get a few new toys. One new walk around routine, a top up on balloons and a new trick to add to my birthday routine. We then picked our seats and got comfy for some more lectures such as voice warm ups, microphone techniques, magic routines, Q and A session and to end the day a Christmas theme lecture. As quick as a flash the two day convention was over for another year. overall a lovely two days away with lots of useful information that I will be using to improve what I already do, and a great time sharing experiences relating to the job I love with the women I love.

Now back to work for me, see you all at a show soon. All the best for now.

Prof Dan Slater.



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