Sunday, 19 March 2017

Professor Dan’s new look part 1

Hi Everyone

So as some of you might be aware the company has a new look, this blog goes behind the scenes and talks about the theory of the new look.
What triggered off this idea was the confirmation of me and the wife having our little boy due in May 2017. At the time I had a van which had two seats with there now being three of us I had to get a car. I did suggest just let the kid roll around in the back whilst I drive but the wife was all “that’s not safe” rubbish. 😉 So we got a new car with plenty of room for my equipment and it’s blue to match my theme. Turns out I did not need that much space because all my props can fit in the boot but the extra room has come in handy. The question now is shall I just keep the car as it is or put my graphics on like I did with my van.

The original cartoons I got done were made by me and my cousin they did the job and got the message across at the time. But these were done a few years ago and lucky for me the business has naturally improved which meant I could afford to get more professionally made images so decided this was the right time to do so. It took a long time to get the right graphic designer. The first person I tried did not understand what I was asking him to do and his designs were amateurish. My problem is I have the cartoons in a specific way but no skill to accomplish it so have to nit-pick at each detail till they do it correct in my head. Eventually I found someone who could do it in a unique style the way I wanted it and the graphics looked a lot more professional than that of the first guy I tried.

It was tricky to start with because we were updating existing cartoons and not creating it from scratch. So trying to get each element right took a bit of time but the more we did it the easier it got for each cartoon. Eventually they were all done now the real work can begin.

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