Thursday, 20 April 2017

Professor Dan’s new look part 2

So the cartoons were done and promptly put onto the website. At the same time, I updated all my contacts to Professor Dan as before my website, email address and social media was all named different.
Website is now
Facebook is now Professor Dan
Funny how I did not realize nothing matched before but hey live and learn.
I used the same printing company who put the original graphics on my van to put the new images on my car. I had it in my head to get the car completely wrapped but after weighing up the pros and cons we decided to go with just stickers and am quite pleased with the finished product.
In 2011 for Vicki’s birthday I booked a photo shoot and I wanted some shots of me doing magic and one with Punch and Judy. These ended up being used for my business cards for 6 years. I guess I got my money’s worth out of those pictures as it did cost me a lot at the time, even now I am hazed why I spent so much.
 Close up magic shot from 2011
Me with Punch 2011

Since I am re vamping the look of the company I thought I should get some new head shots done for business cards, promoting myself to agents and when performing at events the images can be on the poster saying, “roll up roll up Professor Dan will be entertaining at our event.” I decided to go with a photography company originally from Las Vegas but now in Blackpool as they specialized in people in the entertainment industry. I also noticed a few magicians have worked with this company and after a phone chat he knew what I was aiming for so we booked it in.

I took Vicki as we decided to make a few days of it starting with the photo shoot then a meal in the evening. Then the next couple of days doing tourist things. Afterwards it was straight home to get shows ready for that week’s work. The photo shoot itself was an experience I realized my personality has changed since 2011 because back then I loved being in front of the camera but now not so much. During the photo shoot I had a few ideas we played around with but started to enjoy it more when the team were coming up with suggestions and we kept getting more creative which led to some lovely shots. Now there are only a few more things to do and we are done. For more information on entertainment at your next event visit

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