Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Spring Flings And Easter Things

Last Easter came and went in my head because I was so focused on the shows I did not make time to enjoy the season, so this year I planned to enjoy myself. It started with a competition on my Facebook page I have recently updated the fun downloads section on my website and on there is a coloring in sheet of Coco. So for the chance to win a chocolate egg and magic wand all you had to do was color in the picture and post the finished design to Professor Dan Facebook. In the future I plan to do a routine with it where coco magically colors in the picture with the help of the birthday child.

I started my Easter season at Sewerby Hall in Bridlington I seem to be here monthly and love it. I usually perform in the orangery but there were two weddings planned in there today. So I was going to perform Punch and Judy in a big marquee outside. I started the day getting all the chairs set up and the mat ready for the children to sit on at the front which made me think it’s like a little theater, once that was done I got the show ready. I always give myself plenty of time just in case things like prepping the venue is needed. I had a full house for all the shows and everyone was up for a laugh which you need to survive my act. 😊 On top of Punch and Judy we also had a balloon modeler and face painter which really added to the atmosphere. In-between shows I did a little sightseeing and had a walk around the grounds and visited the zoo I got some lovely pictures and really enjoyed the day.

The rest of my Easter season was in York’s town center so something new for 2017. Once again I was performing Punch and Judy throughout the day as well as making balloon models in between shows. The weather was great and it only rained on one day which did not stop people from enjoying themselves. Because I was in my local town center I had a few friends and family come down to support me one person was my granddad. Whilst entertaining the crowds with balloons he would shout out from a distance “I want a balloon” to which I would respond “bugger off.” I would then have to explain this is my granddad and am not randomly shouting at a pensioner. This is the kind of relationship I have with him and I love it, he is not a shy man as you can tell. Another was my wife’s friend Emma it was her birthday and she brought the family into town for a meal, and watch the show. After my performance I thank everyone for watching and if anyone would like a photo with Mr Punch make a line next to the booth and we will do so. Emma’s sister has had a little boy so we had a photo together, he was intrigued by Mr Punch which made me happy.

The wife also came down she must have been bored so I treated her to some candyfloss. Since she was there I put her to good use and made Vicki get some pictures of the audience. Because it’s the only time I can really see the excitement in the audience’s eyes. On top of Punch and Judy we had a portable farm, a few cycling activities, drama workshops and arts and crafts for the children. It was a lovely Easter and so glad I took the time to enjoy it this year.

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