Monday, 10 July 2017

Fame at last!

Near the end of last year I was booked to perform Punch and Judy at a birthday party. There was about 10 boys aged around 7 at the house party and we had a lot of fun playing games, doing magic and watching Punch get up to his old tricks. One thing I will remember from this event is how the audience was very energetic and loud but at one point in the show where the crocodile is messing about with Punch you could hear a pin drop it was amazing to hear and shows how focused they were on the what was happening.

In the hallway was a mad hatter painting and whilst setting up the show I mentioned how I liked it. It turned out the birthday boy’s nana did it and we had a nice chat about the Alice in wonderland book, the films and art.
This year I was booked back to perform at the daughters party, this time it was a magic show for a younger crowd and in a timber framed ex-army mess hall. One of the reasons I love this job it’s always different from the audience to the venue and everything in between. Moira (the nana) was there again helping out in the kitchen at the end of the party she asked “when is your son due” I said “in May” and she mentioned I will try and get a painting done for you before then.

In April I got an email saying it was done so we arranged a date and time for me to pop down and get it. When I arrived the first thing I see are all the other paintings she has done then I am presented with a present which made me feel like a kid again. Unwrapping the present I see Punch and Joey staring at me from the booth all I could think was this is awesome. After catching up and talking for about half an hour (it was mainly me rambling about punch and Judy 😃) it was time to go, but who else was there? Brayden and Demi the birthday boy and girl i did the parties for so before going I had to show them a trick (they had no choice lol.)

After my visit I went straight to The Range supermarket to get a frame and now it’s proudly displayed in the front room. For more information on Burger's Art contact 

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