Thursday, 19 October 2017

May Fayre 2017 Part 3

When I am performing at my own bookings I like to take a photo for my archive and over the years it developed into a hobby. It’s a great way to kill time in between shows and something nice to look back on as years go by. As I am taking photos of the event I am performing at I get to know other entertainers/ stall people who have also attended the event it’s a nice way to make new friends in similar business to me as well as networking. So when I go to may fayre I do the same thing in between my performances I go round snapping photos of other professors shows. There are always plenty of nice photo opportunities in London and this year was no different.

A view of the audience watching a show behind a stall.

The conversation at may fayre this year was mainly congratulations on the birth of my son. Which I found strange as he was only 12 days old and I had not told them, news travels fast in the Punch and Judy world. One of the mums of a young performer came over to say hi, she was on Facebook and showed me a post from the wife. “Not going to be one of them parents that constantly talks about their kid and posts lots of pictures but these few taken this morning amused me so couldn't resist. One is trapped wind but I'm counting it as a smile the other is his poo face lol annoyingly daddy has gone to play with toys in London so mummy has a nice surprise in that nappy waiting for her.” Even when I’m 205 miles away she’s still having a go at me.

One moment I enjoyed in the day was talking with the younger generation behind a booth looking at the new puppets they have and talking about politics and styles of performing. It made me realize I’m not one of the young ones anymore it feels like it was only yesterday I was given the title of most promising young professor. Oh well it was still nice to know Punch is safe once I have gone. It was time for my second show and I felt a little more comfortable performing as the audience were more livelier, I had no sound problems and I got some kind words from the audience afterwards. I watched a few shows around the field and it refreshed my memory of why I like particular professors, some just have a way of connecting with the audience and that’s one of the important things you must learn.

After show picture time with audience members.

It was time to pack up and I really did not want to go but I cannot say the same for everyone else it has been a long day for them so some were more eager to leave. There was a gathering at a venue near by so some of us had a drink there was then an AGM but I had a train to catch so once that started I left. I looked through the photos I got from the day and got back to York safely although I had this drunk football fan talking to me which was … well interesting, I’m not a sports person. On arriving home I see the wife and child sitting comfortably watching TV and I thought to myself that’s a nice sight to come home to.  

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