Thursday, 5 October 2017

May Fayre 2017 Part 2

Sunday 14th May 2017

Every time it’s a show day I wake up enthusiastic and eager to go. Which is a good thing as it’s early and I have a bit of travelling to do before I can do any performing, my enthusiasm and eagerness is what gets me through the long journey. I have always gone by train to London as I cannot be bothered with all that traffic on the road and then there is the parking to think about. But as I mentioned in the last blog everything is compact so there is no bother on the train and tubes. Lucky for me we live close to the train station the 10 minute walk helps me get the gist of pushing this trolley and to my surprise it’s not that heavy. On the journey down even though I am eager i am still not awake so strong coffee is my friend as I sit staring into space. On arrival to King’s Cross I am a little more awake and prepared for the crowds of people. It’s so busy here but I’ve got used to it over the years so onwards to Covent Garden.
We made it yay! there was a few magicians doing street shows and being a fan of magic I watched one of the acts, I find the psychology behind a busking show fascinating. From a magician’s point of view you have to watch your angles, get the audience hyped up and keep the plot simple. From a busker’s point of view you have to gather a crowd, keep their attention and make sure they pay at the end. There is so much to think about. Anyway onwards to St Pauls Church garden.
There are so many booths many of them would have arrived early in the morning one to get a car park space and to get a pitch on the grass. Lucky for me I see a space so start setting up. Usually I keep myself to myself set up the equipment and wait for show. But whilst setting up my booth it seems to be getting some attention as you might remember it was specifically made so I would be able to perform here. I got chatting to people mostly puppet enthusiast’s and hobbyist’s asking questions about the booth which would lead to other subjects. My first show of the day I thought went well but I was told afterwards a band started up drowning out the sound in my show making it difficult to hear. Not a lot I can do about that as I had already started. So I planned to do another performance but with my speaker in a different position, it’s all a learning curve.

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