Saturday, 19 October 2013


There has been a new Magic Show on ITV called Tricked which you can see on Thursday at 9:00pm. This is magic like you have not seen before. Imagine having a trick performed to you and you did not even know it, what makes this different to other magic shows is it's all hidden camera. From a magicians point of view the first two episodes have blown me away some very creative ideas well done Magician Ben Hanlin the cheeky chap who put this show together. One of the reasons I like this show compared to others that have come before is the main job of a magician is to fool and entertain you. But when the trick is also a prank such as getting the wrong name tattooed onto your leg! it makes me think of how to improve my own style of magic and what can I do that is unique. I will look forward to what Ben will bring to the table next, though after 6 one hour episodes he has said he "will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for new material" If you have not seen the first two episodes click here.

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