Saturday, 16 November 2013

Halloween Show

Hi Everyone

It has come to that time again where I fill you in on recent adventures I have been on and my new upcoming shows. I hope you all had a fab Halloween whether you went out Trick and Treating or just stayed in and watched spooky films. As mentioned on my last blog I have been working on a new Halloween Show. I called it "Trick or Treat" as there was lots of Halloween themed magic tricks but also some sweet treats for the audience. This was a new show for 2013 so I spent the last few months playing with new tricks and perfecting everything from music to set, ensuring I had something special to wow my audience with. I got my chance to put all my hard work into action when I was booked by The Customs House Theatre in Newcastle on the day of Halloween, after getting stuck in the lift I got to see where I would be performing. The place was nicely decorated with cobwebs and skellingtons to really set the scene. Both shows were great, the audiences were enthusiastic and I saw lots of great costumes, I could not have asked for better than that. Now Halloween is over for this year and I have a show I am proud of I have some new ideas too add to it for next year. It is now time to focus on my Christmas Shows and not forgetting my popular Magic Elf Act. It's all systems go from here on. If you have not booked in your entertainment for this Christmas be sure to book sooner than later as dates are getting filled in. Also to avoid disappointment book now for 2014 with a mix of Magic, Punch and Judy or Balloon Modelling there is something suitable for any event.

See you all soon
Professor Dan Slater

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