Saturday, 29 March 2014

About Professor Dan part 1

Hi Everyone

I hope you are keeping well. Here is a little about myself and how I came to be Professor Dan Slater.
From a young age I had an inkling I would be in the entertainment industry somehow. My summer holidays were spent at Haven Holiday Park; most my days where spent swimming, going to the afternoon club back to swimming then watching the evening entertainment. I was that kid who did all the events mask making, treasure hunt’s and fancy dress somehow I won that one, dressing up as a clown, am still a clown now all that is missing is the red nose. It all looked like such fun and I thought to myself I can do that. As I got older I became wiser and started to study the weekly timetable for the entertainment so I had a better idea of what was required of the staff and what a typical week was for them. Then it was set, I knew I was going to be a Haven’s Entertainer.

I will leave it there for now there will be more to come, I hope you enjoyed Part 1. Bye for now.

Prof Dan Slater

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