Sunday, 13 April 2014

About Professor Dan part 2

Hi Everyone

So now you know about why I wanted to become an entertainer in the second part you will find out how I came interested in Punch and Judy, enjoy.
Throughout primary school I was more than obsessed with Punch and Judy. This came about when man came to the school with a puppet theatre and loads of puppets of different varieties and styles on a table. I remember puppets flying into the audience on strings then quickly being pulled back before any of us could grab it. This amongst other strange but funny antics took place before the piece de resistance the Punch and Judy show. The main character had long dangly legs with a squeaky voice complete with a red costume. He got into lots of antics with a variety of characters but he always came back out on top by tricking the characters. After that day I was hooked, unfortunately I never found out who the performer was to thank him. Throughout primary school I played with puppets and came up with my own little puppet shows I performed in my room. At the end of primary school my teacher let me put on a show to the class which went down really well and encouraged me to continue in the art form. I will leave it there for now there will be more to come, I hope you enjoyed Part 2. Bye for now.

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