Sunday, 27 April 2014

About Professor Dan part 3

Hi Everyone

So that is how I came interested in the world of Punch and Judy. But where did the magic side of what I do come from. Throughout secondary school is where we begin the journey. I was at the market in York’s town centre and I came across a stall selling a few practical jokes and magic tricks. This old fella showed me a 10p coin and asked me to check it was normal which it was, I then gave it back to him and he ripped into the middle of the coin, once again I could check it out and this was no optical illusion the coin was really ripped! After this he restored the coin and said I could learn how to perform the trick for £3 so I bought it went home and learnt it. It was fascinating and really clever how it worked. I went and showed the trick to everyone I knew and after I got my mileage out of the trick I was hungry to learn more. I ended up going to the magic stall as I called it every Saturday and handing over my pocket money for a new miracle to show everybody that week. I will leave it there for now there will be more to come, I hope you enjoyed part 3. Bye for now.
Prof Dan Slater

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