Wednesday, 28 May 2014

About Professor Dan part 4

Hi Everyone

This is part 4 the final chapter.
So I am in year 9 at secondary school. I have been playing with magic for 3 years now, I had a reputation for showing everyone I knew my latest trick. But I wanted to perform more so I started advertising in local shops. I did this once a month and it worked I got a couple of gigs performing at birthday parties and weddings. Overtime I was performing at birthday parties more than weddings, which was fine as I enjoyed them more. Mainly because I could relate to the children being energetic and they would react better to my tricks unlike adults.
50% of adults would react like this "ha, that's fantastic" the other 50% would react like this "that's good, how's it done?" which is sad as that is not what magic is about. Yes you are to be fooled but its more about enjoying the journey, the impossible is possible at that moment in time, enjoy it. If you're trying to figure the trick out then there is no point. So instead of trying to prove myself to adults I stuck to the children's birthday parties.
Near the end of secondary school I was given the opportunity to have a punch and Judy booth. This was thanks to my P.E teacher (as he knew I still loved Punch and Judy even though I was focusing on my Magic.) Unfortunately this did not go ahead so I went straight to the DT department and started building my booth. At the end of my time at secondary school I was performing Magic and Punch and Judy on a regular basis which has now become my full time job. So I guess all that is left to say is thank you to all those who helped me get to where I am. For example my mum who used to drive me to my shows until I got my driving licence and to you for reading this. Not forgetting everyone who has booked me to celebrate there special event now and in the future. Bye for now

Prof Dan Slater

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