Wednesday, 25 June 2014

May Fayre 2014

Hi Everyone
On Sunday the 11th of May 2014 it was the annual May Fayre in Covent Garden London celebrating Mr Punch's 352nd birthday. At the event Punch and Judy shows go on throughout the afternoon, not forgetting lot's of stalls all puppet related and a workshop for the children to make their own puppets.
In past years I have dragged my booth from York to London but this year I thought I would take the weight off my shoulders and just enjoy the day and catch up with fellow performers. I arrived in London on the Saturday with my fiancé Vicki, we had a walk down by the River Thames passing by a few well known attractions like The London Dungeons and The Sea Life Centre, which was next door. I was thinking to myself "I hope people don't go the wrong way going through a door and ending up in the opposite building." After our walk we had food and went to find our hotel and decided what to do that evening. I had the idea of going to the theatre but tickets were sold for the ones we were interested in. In the end we ended up at a comedy club. The headline act was Vicki's favourite as the female comedian talked about little things men do that annoy women and how women always win the arguments. After this we went back to the hotel ready for Sunday.
On the day of the event one of my highlights was meeting a new young performer named Jamie. To save him the bother of bringing his booth Joseph Peek a fellow young performer kindly offered Jamie to use his booth. Jamie's show was pretty awesome, every now and then someone comes along and performs Punch and Judy as if it was second nature. Which is hard to do and make look effortless as you are mentally and physically having to do a few things at once. We caught up with a few performers and then went for food with the committee of the Punch and Judy Fellowship which I am a member of after this we had a meeting then it was straight to the train station to head back to York. All in all a great weekend.

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