Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Wedding

Hi Everyone

This time last month was the best day so far of my life, I got married. I have been with my now wife for 7 years and we both felt it was the right time for us so we did.

At the Weekends I am at events performing but on that particular week I was busy with lot's of shows so on the Sunday night I was really tired, but I had to double check everything for the big day.
On the Monday me and my groomsmen were ready to be picked up by the limo and taken to the venue. The time was 11am at the registry office York I was not happy with the time as it meant I had to get up but her excuse was she wanted to make the most out of her day, so I had no choice. :( I got the chance to say hi to everyone attending then we got ushered into the room where the wedding will take place. Vicki came down the isle and looked lovely we said our vows and it was now confirmed we were Mr and Mrs Slater.

Vicki and I got a few photos taken in the Museum Garden as it was nice weather afterwards we went to the golf club which is where we spent the rest of the day. Throughout the afternoon everyone had food and drink not forgetting a walk around Magician. For the evening part I got a big marquee with a bar and to keep the crowds entertained there was a caricature (someone who draws cartoon pictures of yourself.) We also had a Flea Circus (not real fleas it's a suitcase and inside it's decorated like a circus and the fleas do the high wire walking ect.) 

As you can see it is not your normal wedding but I was aloud to play so I did, mainly getting a bunch of my entertainer friends to help out. Which leads me onto the next thing I had planned. The Music and Magic Cabaret, we had another one of my friends preform a few songs on the Ukulele followed by my best man who happens to be a Magician and to finish it all off we had me. Talk about a week finish :) performing my levitation act.

That's as much as I got away with so for the rest of the night it went back to a normal wedding with speeches more food/ drink and afterwards we had a friend of mine DJ which helped with the father and daughter's first dance and the bride and grooms first dance.

It was an awesome day a lot of work went into it and we did not go down the typical marriage route, there is nothing wrong with that but it was just not for us. Hence why we got a marquee because we had control of who, what, where and when. Same with the variety of activities we had which was my input and the food part was Vicki's. Thank you for all that attended and for reading this.
Bye for now
Prof Dan Slater

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