Friday, 5 September 2014

Lincoln Puppet Festival

Hi Everyone.

This blog is about Lincoln Puppet Festival, an event I have had the pleasure of taking part in for the last 3 years. This event is put together by John Thursby (Punch and Judy man of Lincoln) and Clive Chandler (Punch and Judy man of Birmingham) who are both committee members on the Punch and Judy Fellowship which I am also proud to be a part of.

The Day started at 6am, I am not a morning person but when I get to perform I am very keen to get started. This year I took my now wife Vicki with me to experience this great event which made it even better for me as not only did I have company on the long drive to Lincoln and back, I could also show her why I enjoy this event so much.

We got to the venue at 9am. I was working alongside Gary Trimby also known as Professor Dumpling who by chance is the chairman of the Punch and Judy Fellowship. We were sat next to a big sand pit in the town centre so that in between the shows the children could go and play and enjoy the good weather.

Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to see any of the other performer’s shows so Vicki went round and took pictures of each one for me. One show I always enjoy watching when I can is Don Roberto Mr Punch’s cousin from Portugal, thankfully I got to watch a bit of it before my 2nd show started. After 3 very busy performances me and Vicki Packed up and took a stroll around the town centre and to the castle. It was very Hilly in some places. Whilst walking up one of the steep hills we passed by an old book shop and in the window was a magazine called Punch with a cartoon Picture of Mr Punch on the front so we took a look in and had a browse around.

After our walk me met up with all the other performers and went for food at an Italian restaurant. I enjoyed this as it gave me chance to catch up with lots of performers I haven’t seen for some time. Vicki enjoyed the desserts :D we had a great day but unfortunately it was getting late and we had to make our way back to York so we said our goodbyes and left. Another great event done for another year.

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