Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A yorkshire man goes to the midlands part 1

Hi Everyone

This September I entered myself into a competition at a children's entertainers convention this was my experience of the day.
Monday the 8th of September 2014, 9:00am. I wake up which is unusual normally I am too lazy to get up at this time on a morning. I had done 2 shows over the weekend before kidology and thought that was enough for one week I’ll take it easy for the next five days. But today is different instead of looking at new tricks, thinking of new routines, doing the office work, bothering the wife, I get to go play for three days in Wolverhampton. With my trusty assistant Mr Punch to keep me company. For a long time Punch and me have been wanting to perform in a competition because it is something we have never done and I thought it would be a good way of getting myself known better amongst other entertainers. There was only one logical place to enter and that was Kidology. I had tried a few times to enter this competition over the years but never got accepted until this year so I was nervous but also very excited.

We were on the M6 not too far from Wolverhampton I had to pay £5.50 to go through a toll which I wasn’t too pleased about. Those who know me know I am not a big spender and to me £5.50 is expensive so it wasn’t the best start to a day. Eventually we got to the Slade Room where the competition was to be held. I met Colin Diamond and Ozzy Dee on arrival and after unloading I went to park up which meant spending more money on the car park, by now I am starting to break into a cold sweat from spending this much in one day.
Eventually all the artists who were in the competition arrived and were set up. The all important sound check and lighting was sorted so now we could relax and chat till it was show time, I was on first. The Booth was set up and looked awesome Mr Punch had taken his medication and I got changed out of my casuals and into my professor Dan clothes so I looked smart. When I was in my casuals a few people thought “he’s not a children’s entertainer” because you could categorise me as a metal head someone who likes fast, loud screaming music. I remember one performer asking another “which one in this room do you think is the Punch and Judy man” they took a few guesses and were wrong. Lucky for them there was no prize.
This is the end of part 1 be sure to keep a look out for part two coming soon.

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