Thursday, 30 October 2014

A yorkshire man goes to the midlands part 2

Hi Everyone
This is part two of "A Yorkshire man goes to the Midlands" a blog on my experience in a children's entertainers competition, enjoy.
As it got closer to show time more People were starting to arrive. So me and the other competitors headed for the dressing room to get ready, whilst in the dressing room we had a variety of discussions such as the pros and cons of different mics and sound systems.
It was now 5:30.. Show time!! All the competitors were ready and the audience were waiting to be amazed. 90% of the audience were entertainers the other 10% were children, well at least 5% of the audience will like my act. With this being my first competition I was interested to see how Punch and Judy would go down at an event like this. Luckily I was welcomed on stage to a round of applause. To keep my show sweet I had a few gags in there for the adults whilst still keeping it suitable for the children. I feel it is important to perform to the best of what is in front of you and not do the same act to all ages. All in all I feel the show went well despite the lighting causing me some problems. Usually I can see through the backdrop but the lights made several shadows so I had to focus on that, not forgetting my badly sprained hand. I was not too sure what people thought of my act as it was not magic which in the past everyone has done and due to the time limit I could only fit in so much. Lucky for me the next day people were coming up to me saying they enjoyed my show. One person asked if I could do Mr Punch’s voice for them I had to explain “how could I if Punch is not here” and if he was he would only talk in the show, he’s one of them kind of actors you see.

Unfortunatley for me I did not win but it got me out of the house for a day and as planned it got my name out there so fellow entertainers knew who I was which was good. The performers this year were all great in their own unique way I could not decide who was going to win I thought we all had a good chance. Especially the girl in the audience who sang “Let it go” from that Disney film, what’s it called, you know, it’s not that popular so what does it matter. Well that’s all from me how should I end this? Sooty comes to mind.

“bye bye everybody bye bye”



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